A {Multiple} Book Review

Book Review

As a kid, I loved reading. Somewhere in the middle of all those years of school, I decided I disliked it. Probably because I had to. {What is it about the ‘have to’s’ that kick the ‘I don’t want to and you can’t make me’s’ into full gear? No? Just me?}

Then, a month ago, I went to the library. Now, I’m addicted. Every book I’ve read in the past month has been fascinating, so I thought I’d do a little book review for you.

Book 1 {1000 Gifts}

Ann’s writing is very unique, and she writes with such wisdom. Favorite part: She pointed out that Jesus thanked God before miracles occurred.
Biggest takeaway: Taking her suggestion to write down the gifts/things I’m thankful for, etc. as a regular practice transforms my heart and attitude…when I do it. {Honesty is the best policy.}

Book 2 {The 4 Hour Work Week}

Tim’s book was not at all what I expected. Favorite part: little nuggets of wisdom, like:

  • Am I being productive or just busy?
  • Am I inventing things to avoid the important?
  • Practice the art of nonfinishing. {Book not great? Put it down. Forever. Doing something you don’t like that you didn’t commit to or can’t rearrange? Stop it.}

Biggest takeaway: Think critically about the things you spend your time doing. Cut out and automate what you can.

Book 3 {EntreLeadership}

Favorite part: This book is chock full of practical ways to run a business.

Biggest takeaway: Take time to define clear goals and what the main focus is. Keeping the main focus the main focus leads to a greater likelihood of “winning.”

Book 4 {The Power of Full Engagement}

Favorite part: It caused me to look at my crazy busy cycle and consider the things that cause me stress and gave me ideas on how to change that.

Biggest takeaway: Balance is where it’s at. Am I resting? Am I right mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically? {A lot of my thoughts from this book resulted in this post.}

Book 5 {The Automatic Millionaire}

Biggest takeaway: Automating finances will win out over using willpower. We’re getting ready to experiment with this, and automating in general. I’m really interested to see where it goes.

So what about you? Read any good books lately? I’m on the hunt for a new one, so please share it in the comments below!

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