31 Days, 31 Ways Remix Day 7

31 Days, 31 Ways Remix Day 7

Welcome to Day 7’s Prompt for the 31 Days, 31 Ways Remix!

Greater Than Rubies

Greater Than Rubies

Greater Than Rubies

Greater Than Rubies

Today, we’re going to define the waist. If you just got nervous, put a stop to that potential mental downward spiral! I’ve got step by step instructions below. If you follow them, they can not only make you look super chic, but also like you lost 5-10 pounds. Pinky promise!

Defining the Waist

Defining the Waist: Why It Works & A Few Tips To Start Re-Training Your Thoughts

Why defining the waist works:

  1. Not defining the waist can cause the eye to rest there. By defining it and drawing attention to another place (like a statement necklace to frame your face or a structured jacket that highlights or creates curves), the eye sees and thinks, “Waist,” and then keeps traveling.
  2. Defining the waist makes you look more put together. When you see a polished woman, you see and focus on the outfit, not the waist, size, “flaws,” etc.

A little hint: you think about your waist more than anyone else does. Even if you’re petrified of defining your waist, try it. I promise this is the best way to look put together, and even like you lost 10 pounds.

Practice using the tips below. If you don’t like the look, you don’t have to wear it out of the house, but you’ll never know until you try!

4 Ways to Define Your Waist

Here are a few of the best ways to define your waist:

  1. Choose fabrics that create a waist for you;
  2. Add a structured completer piece;
  3. Tuck your top;
  4. Belt it.  

One: Choose fabrics that create a waist.
Structured pieces made up of thicker fabrics, and pieces with lining are both great options. A few specific pieces are an empire (high) waist, a tailored blouse (the seaming normally mimics an hourglass shape), and a peplum top, like I’m wearing today.

Two: Add a structured completer piece.
These often have seaming that defines the waist for you, but even worn over a top, they visually shrink the waistline.

The eye will see the fabric beneath and think, “waist,” but because the edges of the completer piece fall in on the body, your waist looks smaller from side to side. (Click here for an example.) It’s a helpful little visual trick!

A few specific clothing examples include a blazer, leather jacket, denim jacket, cargo vest, or a boxy jacket.

Three: Tuck your top.
Try a half tuck, full tuck, or layered full tuck like the outfits shown here.


Four: Belt it. 
Where to belt…

  • Over a top. Nervous? Look for a piece with an already- defined waistline that you’re belting over the top.
  • Under a completer piece;
  • Over a dress or completer piece.

If you don’t have a belt that sits at your natural waist, click here for a few tricks to make a normal belt work.

Your Turn!

Create a “new” outfit from your closet using 1 of the 4 tips. Try it on! The only way to tell if it looks good is to try. If you don’t like the look, don’t wear it outside of the house.

That being said, there are a few times that a belt just doesn’t work.

When to skip the belt: 

  • If the clothing doesn’t fit, it shouldn’t be worn with or without a belt.
  • Some clothing isn’t meant to be cinched in and will look bumpy and/or unflattering (often cardigans are difficult to belt unless they skim the body line.)
  • If you’ve tried the tips above with an outfit and the silhouette created looks funny, like the fabric is bunched or you’ve created more than one waistline (say you have an empire dress on and belt below that), nix the belt.

We want to see your look! Share it with us using the hashtag #31days31waysremix on your Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter account.

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