31 Days, 31 Ways Remix Day 6

31 Days, 31 Ways Remix Day 6

Welcome to Day 6’s Prompt for the 31 Days, 31 Ways Remix!

Today, your challenge is to add color, pattern, texture, and shine. Yes, all of it. Into one outfit. You can do it!

Day 6

Greater Than Rubies

Greater Than Rubies

This is one of my favorite outfits. The leather detailing on the shoulder of this top is a little edgy, mixed with floral, which I typically think of as sweet. I just really love making things that don’t typically go together work. Might be the control freak in me…

A few tips and tricks to get you started:

  • How to dress it up: Exchange the flats for heels, tuck in the top, and add a belt. You could also add a blazer or boxy jacket for a little extra air of sophistication.
  • How to dress it down: Trade out the statement necklace for a more subtle
  • Pick one of the adjectives to be the star player (color, pattern, texture, shine). I chose pattern, then added little touches of color (easy- already in the pattern), texture (silky top with the leather detailing on the shoulder, wool trousers), and the shellac-like-shine of the necklace and patent leather shoe. It’s a look I would wear during the day but not feel over the top. I did wear it, actually, for a presentation about Cornerstone to a room full of second graders, and I got lots of compliments. :)
  • If you don’t have an item with a couple of the adjectives built in, add them in your shoe or bag. Get creative! How can you add color, pattern, texture, and shine into one look that works for you?

We want to see your look! Share it with us using the hashtag #31days31waysremix on your Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter account.

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31 Days, 31 Ways Remix Link Up Schedule:

  • October 3: Show us the pieces you’ve chosen. This can be pictures, descriptions, a Pinterest board…whatever you want!
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  • Carly October 5, 2014 at 1:18 PM

    This is a beautiful outfit! I thrifted the dress version of this top and already wore it for a family event with my in-laws. I really appreciate the prompts. I know I have been more creative so far. This is my first year in awhile not doing a 31 days series on my blog and I am really enjoying yours!

    • Caitlin Author October 6, 2014 at 9:17 AM

      Thanks, Carly! I’m so glad! Looking forward to seeing everything you come up with!

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