31 Days, 31 Ways Remix Day 26

31 Days, 31 Ways Remix Day 26

I’ve had one of those weeks that leaves your brain a tad like mush, so we’ll cut to the chase today before I start rambling and using half words and/or sentences.

It’s day 26 (only a few days left!) of the 31 Days, 31 Ways Remix! You’re on your way to having the knowledge to create 31 “new” outfits and the ability to use what you’ve learned to create a whole bunch more. If you’re just joining us, hop in now and circle back to finish the 31 days. We’d love to have you join in!

Today’s goal is to be resourceful. Stretch those remixing muscles and get ready for a challenge!

Day 26

The ‘click through for tips’ is just for those who come across this photo on Pinterest.
Read on for all today’s tips!

I chose to wear my fuchsia dress as a blouse for today’s look. The trick of letting a dress masquerade as a blouse or a skirt is one that I discovered this year, and I use it a lot, but when something works, it works!

Greater Than Rubies

Greater Than Rubies

Now it’s your turn to make it work! Here are a few tips to help you shop your closet for a resourceful look:

  • How to dress it up: to give this look more polish, I could add a jacket or cardigan, belt the waist, and opt for stronger jewelry.
  • How to dress it down: layer a jean jacket over the dress, and swap the wedges for booties or flats.

It’s your turn! Use the dress trick or opt for one of these ways to look at your closet with a resourceful eye:

  • Is there a new way you can wear an item that’s in the donation pile or hanging unworn in the closet? 
  • Borrow an item from a friend who’s the same size. Or borrow a piece of jewelry or a scarf you love. Offer to let them borrow something of yours in return.
  • Feeling crafty and have a little extra time? Search Google or Pinterest for tutorials on every clothing-related project imaginable. From adding to a piece to completely altering its look, tips and tricks are everywhere.

We want to see your look! Share it with us using the hashtag #31days31waysremix on your Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter account.

Here’s extra info on 31 Days, 31 Ways if you’re just joining us!

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