1990’s inspiration

the nineties

dare we take inspiration from the 1990’s?

actually, yes!

the nineties brought:

in my opinion, plaid is the most classic trend of the 90’s. layering will also be around forever.

90's inspo

there’s not much else i would add to my current wardrobe, although some can pull off the grunge look and nearly all of the trends above have circled around recently, particularly:

a great way to wear high waists is with skirts. if they sit at your natural waist (the thinnest part of your mid-section) and flare out a bit, they’ll create an ‘a’ or ‘a-frame’ shape, which is gorgeous on everyone.

well friends, the nineties finish off the decades we’ll look at. i was surprised that i found inspiration from each! did you have a favorite?

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  • Selah December 19, 2012 at 7:39 AM

    Plaid is definitely the most classic 90s trend. Overall, the 1990s were a huge improvement over the 1980s! There are several 90s trends that I wear a lot. I LOVE a high waisted a-line skirt! I also like a cropped piece that ends at my natural waist. Layer it over a longer fitted piece and it’s very slimming. Like this:

    • Caitlin December 22, 2012 at 9:21 AM

      So true! The poor 80’s. :) And you’re right about cropped layering pieces; they’re versatile and very flattering!

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