How to Dye Clothing The Easy Way

Greater Than Rubies

Back in the day, I tried to never wear the same outfit twice. Ever. So I would buy and buy and buy trendy, inexpensive, poorly made items. I had zero concept of how to mix and match things, so I felt like they only “went together” in one way. (Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?) This left me feeling like I had nothing to ... Read More »

Remix Rewear Restyle I Repair

Greater Than Rubies

Happy Monday, y’all! How was your weekend? The weather here was nothing short of glorious, so we tried to take advantage of it with long-overdue yard work (we were those neighbors with the jungle of weeds in our yard…oops), the most gorgeous outdoor wedding (Seriously, breathtaking. I’ve got a few latergrams to post this week, and if you’re planning your wedding, ... Read More »

How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe I Shopping Tips

Greater Than Rubies

Way back at the very beginning of this series, we talked about how our mindsets play a crucial role in building a solid capsule wardrobe. The shopping mindset is just as important. Taking a few minutes now to structure your thoughts will allow you to outsmart that rush of shopping that can lead to impulse purchases, leaving you wearing ill-fitting clothes and ... Read More »